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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 25, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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2020 valentine's season these parts will be back. >> dana: i like the chalky ones. >> greg: i'm heartbroken. >> dana: never miss an episode of "the five" ." "special report" is up next. >> bret: president trump announced a three week deal this afternoon, congress is at this hour working on legislation passing both chambers. mike emanuel is on capitol hill to tell us where the funding process is but we start with chief white house correspondent john roberts and the president pulling the plug after five full weeks of the shutdown with no money for his border wall. >> reaction from republicans to the president's deal is mixed, some are applauding the move and others believed the president caved. the bottom line tonight, the president comes away from the shutdown with little more than he had going into it.
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>> political pressure that had been building for weeks at the breaking point this morning when federal workers missed a second paycheck and at laguardia airport halted flights because of an air traffic control shortage. within hours, president trump was in the rose garden announcing the government would soon be open again albeit temporarily. >> president trump: in a short while, i will sign a bill to open our government for 3 weeks until february 15th. i will make sure that all employees receive their backpay very quickly or as soon as possible. it will happen fast. >> negotiations between the president and congressional leadership kicked into high gear yesterday, but after insisting that any deal to reopen government had to include money for a border wall, the one the president took gave him nothing except a pledge from democrats to try to reach an agreement. >> the president has agreed to
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our request to open the government and the debate border security. >> the white house insists it has strong signals from large numbers of democrats that they are willing to give some funding for a border barrier, likely not $5.7 billion. house speaker is on record saying the president is getting nothing. >> we've been very clear on the wall. >> president trump has made it clear the nation could be right back where we started. >> president trump: if we don't get a fair deal from congress, the government will either shutdown on february 15th again or i will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the constitution of the united states to address this emergency. >> the office of management and budget has identified billions of dollars that could be redirected toward construction of the wall, but an emergency declaration would be immediately challenged in the courts leaving
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the president with no options. democrats today warned him against shutting down the government again. >> the american people do not like it when you throw a wrench into the lives of government workers over ununrelated political dispute. hopefully now the president has learned his lesson. >> negotiations will fall to a bipartisan conference committee whose mandate is defined -- basics republicans will operate in good faith. this is an opportunity for all parties to work together for the benefit of our beautiful, wonderful nation. >> the democratic leadership couldn't help but tweak president trump at saying he tried but failed to get democrats to crack and in nancy pelosi has more than met his match. >> no one should ever underestimate the speaker as donald trump has learned.
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>> the deal that he accepted today is identical to one south carolina senator lindsey graham floated two weeks ago, a deal back then the president politely rejected, insisting he had to have money in any kind of spending bill for a border wall. a lot has changed in two weeks. >> juan: let's find out what's happening right now with lawmakers and these bills to reopen the government. jay congressional correspondent mike emanuel is on capitol hill tonight. >> once there is agreement, things move very quickly on capitol hill. this bill has cleared the senate and should pass the house very soon and be sent up to the president to sign to get furlough defense back to work. >> i'm grateful -- -- >> top democrats were holding a line on the partial shutdown with government reopening in a hurry the hope is the state of the union address will be rescheduled soon. >> it is not plan now.
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>> the senate majority leader's warning democrats must be serious or else. >> the only way federal workers are going to have stability and certainty beyond the next three weeks, the only way our border is going to have real security is if democrats will stop playing partisan games and get serious about negotiating with the president on a long-term compromise. >> supporters of the president are praising him for being the grown up the room. >> what is happening here today is the president put the american public first. the president said let's pay the federal employees and let's get into a meeting room because we tried to meet with the speaker and chuck schumer and they will not negotiate. >> north carolina republican mark meadows is saying if negotiations don't result in a solution, executive action is under consideration. the democratic chairman of the homeland security committee says democrats remain committed to effective border security but will only allow taxpayer money
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to be spent on security measures that will make a difference. lawmakers were clearly feeling the pressure hearing about the impact of the partial shutdown for constituents and seeking a way out. >> the real ramifications of the shutdown are starting to be seen, it's not an aggregating effect -- i think you'll see a cascading effect. >> a homeland security spokeswoman said backpay should start flowing between 2-3 business days. if the advice with employees is to check with your bosses. >> bret: mike emanuel life on the hill. we'll bring in our panel to deal with the news of this day, byron york chief political correspondent of the "washington examiner," josh crush, and matthew continetti editor in chief of "the washington free beacon." your thoughts, it doesn't seem like this is any different from what was on the table a while
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ago. >> this shutdown was over a border barrier. the president demanded congress had to give him money for the barrier or else he would keep the government shut. now he has agreed to reopen the government without getting any money for the border barrier. the short version is hello see won and trump lost. the white house and its defense says they believe there are a number of democrats on capitol hill that would approve money for a border barrier and that's right, there really are such democrats but the leadership -- nancy pelosi has not changed, absolutely nothing for the wall position. she has not changed her position that walls are "immoral," and by not giving an inch, she has just won. it's not clear why the white house things after winning she would start making concessions. >> bret: i said national review, its national journal, your thoughts on this day. >> the first rule of government shutdowns as you can never hold
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the government hostage and democrats learned that the hard way with daca, they took the political blame last year for trying to hold the government hostage. republicans are learning it because of border security. national polls are tough for the white house, 37% job approval, in our fox poll democrats had a ten-point advantage in border security and that hardly ever happens. president trump knew he had to punt until the politics turned a little bit more favorably for republicans. >> bret: here are senate leaders democrats and republican. >> democrats are against the wall but we acknowledge we need to improve strength and security in that bodes well for coming to an eventual agreement. >> the days ahead will tell us whether our democratic
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colleagues are serious about securing our nation, whether they mean what they say. >> bret: the question is whether the base, the president's base is really turned off by this, the pressure had gotten to a high point. >> president trump has to worry about his base and the rest of the country, they turned against him on the shutdown that was against the wall, most americans are against that. president trump was fighting against the most powerful force in american politics -- it's not nancy pelosi, it's public opinion. i think the white house should look at this as an opportunity to begin to turn the ship around and head toward reelection in 2020. there is a deal to be made. even though chuck schumer is adamantly against the wall, nancy pelosi was very big about what might be included in this
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deal. there is the opportunity to get the freshman democrats who came to washington with their voters expect them to solve problems to back some type of barrier. it might not be the wall of president trump's dreams but all he needs is a little bit in order to police his constituents heading into reelection. >> bret: is the immediate win nancy pelosi's? is the potential for long-term win on border security? >> it's possible without the pressure of the government being shut down, perhaps people could take a more sober look at the president's last proposal which in addition to money for border barrier would include all sorts of things that both parties likes. more technology to detect drugs, more beds at detention centers, more immigration judges, all the sorts of things that were part of a package that both parties
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in the past prior to trump what actually support and that would include a physical barrier at the border, always part of that. perhaps it's possible when all the craziness of the shutdown is over, people will take another look at that proposal. >> bret: we are hearing from a producer that it's too soon to do the state of the union on tuesday, they are floating february 5th. he wanted to deliver the state of the union address in the house chamber with all the pomp and circumstance. >> it's going to be his opportunity to get some political momentum back. republicans win the immigration argument when it's broadly about border security, but when he got caught up in the wall that really put him and republicans in congress into a corner and even he backed off from that, it was just for steel slats or a combination of border security measures. he needs to reset his
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immigration agenda with the state of the union but he has to think more broadly. he can't be speaking to the 35% base, he has to look at the broad majority of the country that does want solid border enforcement. >> bret: in the meantime, democrats are relishing the fact they are tweaking the president with nancy pelosi suggesting she is the big winner here. representative karen bass tweeting out that speaker pelosi should give the state of the union address since she's obviously the one running the country. >> karen bass is wrong, the president is still the president, he has all the powers of the office, you look at some of the things he's done, foreign policy for example, you see the immense power of the presidency. nancy pelosi is an extremely savvy legislator, she knew she had a winning hand especially when president trump in december said he would take the credit or blame if the government shutdow shutdown. that's what happened in the public listen to president trump and they blamed him.
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now it is an opportunity to try to not only reset the immigration debate but think seriously and strategically about what it would take to expand his support. >> bret: thank you, we will see you later in show. this is another fox news alert, one of the advisors who has been with donald trump since long before he became president was awakened this morning by fbi agents in a salt gear shouting at him to open his door. tonight, roger stone is facing a seven count indictment charging him with various crimes linked to the release of hacked democratic party emails. catherine herridge has to specifics. >> roger stone will be arraigned on tuesday in a d.c. federal court. he was released on a $250,000 bond. leaving federal court in florida, a defiant roger stone
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waved a peace sign like his old boss richard nixon as boos and cheers rang out. the longtime political operatives and friend of donald trump said the special counsel indictment is baseless and politically motivated. >> there is no circumstance whatsoever under which i will bear false witness against the president, nor will i make up lies to ease the pressure on myself. >> six hours earlier, heavily armed fbi agents raided his fort lauderdale home at the same time the special counsel served him a 24 page seven count indictment including false statements, witness tampering, and obstructing an investigation. >> the special counsel office released a press release prior to informing me i would be charged today. >> the seven counts go to the heart of the trump campaign and
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allegations that a senior official would be unnamed. a senior campaign official was directed to contact him about any additional releases and other damaging information organization one -- which is wikileaks -- regarding the campaign. potential future releases of damaging future material. the indictment does not accuse him of conspiring with wikileaks or russian agents, instead of it accuses him of lying to congress about his wikileaks contacts. >> to do it anyway work with the russians to help president trum president trump? >> categorically not. >> the president we did quite a switch in the history of our country, no collusion, his attorney said the indictment today is yet again nothing more than another false statement charge, it doesn't allege collusion. it seems like we are coming to an end back. with stone charged charge to the
3:16 pm
special counsel has either indicted, convicted, or gotten guilty pleas for over 30 people or businesses. attorney michael cohen, campaign chairman paul manafort stones former business partner. >> this connection to the integrity of our election is something we have to get to the truth about. >> 20 month into the indictment none of the publicly prosecuted cases have alleged coordination between the government and the campaign, special counsel mueller's was recently granted an extension to continue its work. >> bret: roger stone will be on tucker's show live. if the panel will be joining in a bit to talk about the roger stone indictment and what is next with these investigations. u.s. diplomats flee venezuela as the political crisis there intensifies. here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight.
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a judge signs off on the changes to the legal team for harvey weinstein in his raped and sexual assault case. denver public schools apologized after teachers received a notice that educators on certain pieces would be reported to immigration officials would would go on st. the state considers whether to intervene. this is a live look at the san francisco from fox two, the big story tonight state investigators say the deadly 2017 tubs fire that torched napa and sonoma counties was caused by privately maintained electric lines. killed 22 people and burned more than 36 36,000 acres. that's two nights live look outside♪ the beltway for "special report," we'll be right
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3:22 pm
country. corresponded steve harrigan has the latest tonight. >> nonessential u.s. personnel are being evacuated out of venezuela due to security concerns but a skeleton staff may remain in defiance of nicolas maduro, no longer recognized by the u.s. as president of venezuela. it's unclear if he intends to put u.s. diplomats on planes by force or cut electricity and services to the u.s. embassy in caracas. >> i have decided to break diplomatic and political relations with the imperialist government of donald trump and expel all of his diplomatic staff from venezuela. >> while maduro spoke on state tv the second man who claims to be president spoke to crowds in a public square vowing to lead another demonstration next week. juan guaidó, 35 years old, unknown to most venezuelans last week declared himself interim president wednesday. he was immediately recognized by the u.s., canada, brazil,
3:23 pm
argentina, colombia, chile, and other nations. but maduro elected last year in a vote of the opposition says was rigged also has powerful backers including russia and so far the country's top military leadership. a showdown between the u.s. and venezuela could happen as early as this weekend. >> we will make sure we protect our folks on the ground and take all appropriate measures to ensure they are protected. >> the u.s. called for an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council on saturday morning. in the past, the maduro regime has crushed street demonstration and jailed opposition leaders. they have not arrested juan guaidó yet, that may be because of his international support. >> bret: steve harrigan, thanks. multiple defense officials tell fox news the pentagon will no longer reveal body counts of enemy fighters killed an american air in somalia.
3:24 pm
no reason is being given. the change in policy comes five days after the u.s. africa command said it killed 52 al qaeda linked al-shabaab fighters in an air strike. up next, how governments and businesses are trying to defend against malicious drones. first, beyond our borders. queen elizabeth is urging people to seek common ground, her remarks thursday are being interpreted as a veiled criticism of the toxic debate surrounding britain's departure from the european union, or brexit. lawmakers on all sides have traded barbs in recent weeks as prime minister theresa may tries to push ahead with the divorce deal that has been overwhelmingly rejected by parliament. the death toll in a massive fire in an illegally tapped pipeline in mexico has risen to 109, after ten more injured people died in hospitals. about 40 people are still receiving treatment. the victims were gathering gasoline from an illegal
3:25 pm
pipeline tap when the gas light ignited. pope francis is denouncing how society marginalizes and stigmatizes sinners and criminals when he says it should instead create opportunities for them to change. he made the remarks during unemotional liturgy inside panama's main youth detention facility where more than 150 young people are serving time for murder, robbery, and other crimes. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. i don't keep track of regrets. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life.
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>> bret: our top story at the bottom of the hour, president trump has announced the end of the partial government shutdown. he's calling for a three week one big bill to give negotiators time to work out a border security strategy. we are still waiting for the house to go into session for its vote on this deal. the markets were having a good day and there is no major change after the president's statement. the dow finished ahead 184, the s&p 500 gained 22, the nasdaq jump 91. for the week the dow and the nasdaq were up one-tenth of a percentage point, the s&p 500 was down two tenths. let's look at what might lie ahead. good evening, susan. >> a five week winning streak for the dow and the nasdaq confirming the best start to a new year in almost 30 years and that's despite the u.s. economy
3:30 pm
taking a hit from the longest ever government shutdown was a nearly $1.2 billion each week according to ratings agency s&p global over 35 days that cost the american economy over $6 billion more than president trump's border wall. most economists expect a sharp recovery once government reopens and trumps team remains upbeat. >> the economy is very strong. we will beat 3% economic growth in the fourth quarter. >> the stocks rallied friday on news the federal reserve will keep supporting the markets and the economy by holding onto more u.s. treasuries. remember on christmas eve president trump tweeting the only problem our economy has is the fed, not anymore apparently. big investors including the world's largest had hedge fund predicting interest rates will go up this year.
3:31 pm
>> we have to look at ourselves within the context of europe, it's slowing, china, it's slowing. when those things are happening and connected, i think they won't raise rates. >> that will be good for u.s. companies with over three quarters of corporations that have reported so far doing better-than-expected in the earnings season and next week will be a big one. apple reporting on tuesday, facebook and microsoft on wednesday, than amazon on thursday. one more thing to watch, u.s.-china trade talks in washington, d.c., global investors will be parsing through any hint of agreement or disagreement in those two days of discussion. >> bret: thank you. the young man who was seen smiling at a native american elder during a demonstration one week ago in washington has hired a high-profile attorney. the family of covington, kentucky, catholic high school student nick sandmann has brought in lynn would.
3:32 pm
another lawyer has previously threatened legal action against people defaming him. before president trump has announced the deal to end the shutdown, the faa ordered a brief ground stop at laguardia due to staffing issues. a few days ago there was a similar flight suspension in newark, that one had to do with a rogue drone in the area and those kinds of incidents are forcing authorities to explore means of defending against these small aircraft. here's corresponded bryan llenas from syracuse tonight. >> there is one of maybe five of these in the world with this capability. >> inside this giant blue chamber at the syracuse research corporation, radars are calibrated to detect drones. the pyramids block outside signals as scientists perfect the art of tracking these potentially threatening
3:33 pm
aircraft. recent airport shutdowns in new jersey and in england over drone sightings underscore the vulnerability to attacks. this month a drone bomb killed at six in yemen, six months ago a grenade armed drone was used in an assassination attempt of venezuelan president nicolas maduro. >> we are concerned that same tactic could be used in the homeland. >> the federal aviation administration said counter drone technology is not ready to protect airports but in october congress gave the department of justice and homeland security the authority to his is able drones in the air for the first time. counter drone options range from guns, nets, even drones that chase and catch other drones in midair. there are limitations. >> we don't want to disrupt the drone in a way that injures or creates a risk of injury to people on the ground. >> early detection is key. trucks use radar, powerful drone
3:34 pm
sensors, and video sensors to locate the drones operator. >> this type of system allows you to look for bad actors and be able to take necessary action with authorities. >> the next big advancements will be in artificial intelligence. engineers believe within the next five years radars will be able to operate on their own with such precision, they will know the difference between small birds and drones. >> bret: president trump is donating his salary from the third quarter of last year to the federal agency that researches alcoholism and alcohol related problems. the white house saying the president gave $100,000 to the national institution on alcohol abuse and alcoholism. he has donated all of his salary since taking office to various federal departments and agencie agencies. a longtime advisor to the president is arrested as part of the special counsel investigation. we'll talk about that indictment of roger stone with the panel when we come back
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♪ >> relates in no way to russian collusion, wikileaks, collaboration, or any other illegal action in connection with a 2016 campaign. >> it's a very serious indictment but it shows the special counsel's office is recovering evidence it needs. >> nothing to do with the president of the white house. >> this connection to our election is obviously something we have to get to the truth about. >> was their illegal collusion, illegal conspiracy with russia? we don't find it. >> bret: the seven count indictment for roger stone and in that indictment, a number of different parts of it but this says after the july 22nd 2016 release of stolen dnc emails by organization one, that's
3:40 pm
wikileaks, a senior trump campaign official was directed to contact stone about an additional release and other damaging information organization one had regarding the clinton campaign thereafter told the trump campaign about future releases of damaging wood material by organization one. the accounts that stone now faces, five counts of false statements, one count of witness tampering and there's 20 years in prison of that basing a maximum of 50 years in prison. rudy giuliani the president's attorney saying the indictment isn't nothing more than another false statement charge, it doesn't allege collusion. it charges no underlying wrongdoing by mr. stone or anyone else, it seems like we are coming to an end. let's digest it with our panel.
3:41 pm
byron york chief political correspondent of "washington examiner" ," and matthew continetti editor of chief of "the washington free beacon" ." >> what happened to richard nixon and watergate is a tragedy but roger stone seems to have read it as an instruction manual if the indictment is correct. nonetheless, the crime for which he was indicted our process crimes, they are not the crimes that mueller was appointed to investigate. i think the administration is to able to create some space between what happened to roger stone and the president himself. >> bret: josh? >> it does feel like the walls are closing and when it comes to the trump white house and possible connections to russia and wikileaks. stone is one of the many campaign officials on that trump campaign to now be indicted and it feels like the heat is on in
3:42 pm
the white house. on the other hand from the political point of view if you remember back in the summer of 2016, trump was calling publicly on russia to release the emails and a stone was tweeting about this for everyone who follows him on twitter to see. this was baked in politically to the 2016 election and i don't think the public and is certainly the politics of this changes, until mueller releases his report and there is evidence of actual collusion which there has not been proven to be so far. the politics wouldn't change a whole lot even though this is another connection from that trump campaign. >> bret: we don't know the senior trump campaign official ordered to talk to stone. the white house and rudy giuliani saying it doesn't touch the president, obviously he was intimately involved in the campaign. we don't know a lot from this indictment even though it's seven counts.
3:43 pm
>> the passage that you read and refer to about july 22nd 2016 is very important, one of the most important things is after wikileaks is published we find out that wikileaks or the russians have hacked the dnc wikileaks, it closes its stuff and after it happens, someone in the trump campaign says to stone what goes on. that suggests there was no knowledge before hand and it does not support any idea that there was some sort of collusion scheme or conspiracy going on. the main thing to remember reading this indictment is roger stone has always been kind of a b.s. artist, he brags about all sorts of dirty deeds some of which he hasn't even done and he was doing that in connection to this case in public and the house had him come for an interview and ask him about those statements under oath and
3:44 pm
he allegedly lied about it all. it has caught up with him. as far as revealing some kind of scheme or conspiracy, it just doesn't do it. >> bret: listened very quickly to a question of whether roger stone would flip and somehow testify against the president. >> there is no circumstance whatsoever under which i will bear false witness against the president. >> when you're facing a long prison term, the most loyal of people turn to themselves and say "i have to look out for myself first." >> you get ten years in jail but if you make up stories, it's called flipping and it almost ought to be illegal. >> bret: it doesn't sound like he is going to do that but we'll hear on tucker's show at 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> i would say the way in which the fbi apprehended him in that 6:00 a.m. raid involving so many agents with weapons, perjury or
3:45 pm
witness tampering in terms of a congressional investigation i think it shows the special counsel trying to ratchet up the pressure which will continue as this legal process moves on. as you mentioned before, these charges can amount to some significant prison time and i think that's something that mueller is going to emphasize in his dealings with stone. >> bret: next up the friday lightning round, the venezuela crisis, democrats move to the left, plus winners and losers next. buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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all in the same place as your live tv. its all included with your amazon prime membership. that's how xfinity makes tv... simple. easy. awesome. ♪ >> the united states has concluded juan guaidó is the interim president of venezuela, we think every country ought to recognize the demands of the venezuelan people. >> they put together a coup attempt, and there is a media coup attempt against venezuela to distort the real situation and put pressure on a country and impose the model of intervention in washington. >> bret: the situation continues to spiral. the u.s. and other countries recognizing the opposition leader is the new president as you take a look at this map, the red are countries that recognize nicolas maduro as the president
3:50 pm
and want to continue his reign down there. >> the trump administration is doing the right thing here and as they map it just showed doing it in conjunction with a lot of other nations being very multilateral which the president is confused often of not being and also doing it in clear opposition to russia which the president is also accused of not doing very much. the united states is in the right position here. >> this feels like an old-school proxy war where you have traditional u.s. enemies trying to prop up maduro and the u.s. has a pretty strong multilateral line in the hemisphere including canada behind us. what's striking to me is there are these rising stars on the left and the democratic party that didn't have the moral curtilage to criticize maduro, i'm talking about alexandria
3:51 pm
ocasio-cortez and ilhan omar of minnesota who put out statements without criticizing maduro and even being to the left of bernie sanders on this subject. it shows we are getting a lot more extreme when it comes to foreign policy views and the left is finding new ways to redefine socialism when it comes to foreign policy. >> bret: speaking of the left, it does seem as more and more candidates get into this 2020 race on the democratic side that that's the way they are going. that's the power they see and where they think the boats are going to be. >> they may be right within the democratic party, but i'm not sure that holds for the rest of the country when it comes to the rest of the general election. the democrats who have entered the race have embarked on an apology to her and that's not the best way for a candidate to introduce him or herself to the public. you want to start off with an affirmative vision, what you want to do for america for our
3:52 pm
future. instead all the democrats who have entered in some who are thinking about entering have started off by groveling. >> bret: winners and losers. >> for my winter i was worried with all the news tonight we would not have time for an animal story. my winter is the boston south carolina police department which is done a good deed, gone to the local animal shelter for its newest member of the canine team at puppy named justice. my loser is the movie "first man," kind of a strange biopic of neil armstrong, thought to be an oscar front runner, totally shut out of the big oscar categories. >> bret: winner and loser. >> the winner are the federal workers that will finally get back to work, get their backpay and for the first time i think the bureaucracy got something of a good name. we realize there are a lot more than the folks who work in washington and are part of that big massive bureaucracy. the loser i'm going to go to
3:53 pm
sports, the washington redskins are still not in the playoffs. dan snyder has presided over a whole host of losing teams and i think the trump white house doesn't talk to the press a lot, redskins president bruce allen held his first press conference in 588 days, they aren't very media friendly and it's not good when you're losing so many football games that you can't offer explanations to your fans. >> bret: all right, winner and loser. >> is much as it pains me to say this, my winter's nancy pelosi, she went toe-to-toe with trump not only in the shut down but the state of the union and she won. the first sign to me that the shutdown was probably going to come to an end and soon was when trump retreated on the state of the union earlier this week. my loser is the news industry which amidst the scandals involving stories about the special counsel, about covington catholic kids, is also experiencing a wave of layoffs and a recent poll by the pew foundation found that if the 8%
3:54 pm
of the americans don't think the media understands them and those americans are right. >> bret: thank you, have a great weekend. when we come back, notable quotables. ll story. t. rowe price invest with confidence. >> martha:.
3:55 pm
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this is phoebe buckley, on location. uh... thanks, phoebe. ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ and they're back in session. we expect a voice vote that will move this bill forward, that will mean the president will likely sign the opening of the government, continuing resolution, tonight. finally, tonight, notable quotables. >> straight to the fox news alert, roger stone is indielted by a grand jury. [chanting] >> federal workers going to homeless shelters. >> i know they are, i don't understand why. [chanting] >> let them eat cake kind of attitude? >> i'm getting hundreds and
3:59 pm
reports i can't come to work any more. >> i'm running for. of the united states. >> buzzfeed got it wrong. >> we expect the united kingdom to tell us what they want, what they really, really want. >> can you try to teach a goept how to climb a tree but you're better off hiring a squirrel in the first place. >> terrible people. >> he didn't have a maga hat, that was not a pro-live protest, this wouldn't be a story. >> low point in history, the speaker of the house to uninvite the president of the united states. >> we need a physical barrier you can't crawl under, climb over, drive through, or walk around. >> nicholas ma dur owe is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power. >> that's what socialism gets you. >> how many (bleep) do you give. >> zero. >> we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the
4:00 pm
federal government. >> i have been very clear on the wall. >> hopefully the president has learned his lesson. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced, unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: thanks. tonight as you just saw, the government is back open. but de smite the president's efforts, so are many parents of the southern border, still. many parts of the southern border. >> build that wall! build that wall! build that wall! we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> build that wall! build that wall! >> president trump: do not worry, we are going to build the wall. >> martha: tonight the question is, will the president's base stay with him. will today be a moment that is looked back on as just a necessary evil of beltway politics? or a


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